Affiliate Link Disclosure

At Digedu we believe in affordable online education. If a course requires external applications, services, or resources we may enter into affiliate programmes so as to keep the cost of our courses at a minimum for our students.

Links to external resources, applications, or services may be provided through these affiliate programmes and Digedu will earn a commission on products purchased through these affiliate links.

You will NOT be charged any extra by clicking on or purchasing via these links, in fact in some cases you will be earning yourself a discount!

We will NEVER provide a link to a product or service that we do not believe is the best option for our students and all affiliate programmes are set up after researching the best possible products for our students.

For example, if application X will pay Digedu a million euro per referral, but application Y is the better option for our students and offers no referral programme, we will still recommend application Y to our students. In fact, in most cases wouldn’t even know that we could be earning a million euro for application X as affiliate programmes are only set up after writing the course ?

You are under no obligation to use the affiliate links we provide and the resources, applications, or services we recommend in our lessons can be found manually through a web search.

Wherever possible, Digedu will notify you of an affiliate link by preceding the link with “Ad: