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Setting up your website Social Media profiles

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Do you want to improve the SEO of your site? Are you interested in creating more ways for customers to hear your story and engage with your brand? Do you want to be able to show potential customers not just what it is you do, but also that others are doing it? If so then implementing a Social Media Marketing strategy is one of the first things you should do. In this course we’ll explore the various Social Media channels and how to set up your accounts with them. Start your journey to becoming an established brand. Reach out to the world and let them know ‘We’re here!' by setting up your website Social Media profiles.

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69 learners taking this course

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The Importance of Social Media, and taking the first step

When I was growing my social network was “outside”, people weighed more than an Insta-gram, a brand was something Bam Margera got burned onto himself, and engagement was something my mother dreamt about for me; how things have changed. The world has both simultaneously grown exponentially while shrinking into a touch-screen device you walk around with in your pocket. The world has changed dramatically, starting with the advent of the web, and moving onto the creation of Facebook, and other media engines that followed. People are enabled by the Web to avail of information, goods, and services from all over the world via their sites. Social Media provides a means of connecting these people with those sites.

Striving to find new ways to promote your site or business, in a cost effective and efficient manner is what digital marketing is all about. Social Media sites can be a complex web of marketing opportunities for your business. They provide a mass of benefits to a great many sites out there, but they require a little time, and, in certain cases, some effort.  Hubspot reported that over 90% of marketers out there consider Social Media to be important for their business and that a Social strategy improved sales in most cases. (Full report in the link below).

While we all (mostly) are involved with Social Media on a personal level, the way in which businesses conduct their Social strategy is often very different and requires knowledge of the ‘other-side’. The dark corners of Facebook, and Google, where marketers lurk, scheming, using custom advertising platforms, building remarketing audiences, and following you with their ‘abandoned basket’ Ads trying desperately to hypnotise you into completing your purchase. Don’t fear, we’ll hold your hand and ‘once more into the fray’ we go. Take your first steps by deciding what particular sites offer you the best opportunity for your marketing goals to be achieved. Assess your product or service and think ‘will high-quality content drive traffic to my site?’, ‘will display ads, showing the delicious goods I make, entice people to order from me?’, ‘do I need to learn more about my customers, their needs, their wants, to further the development of my business?’ and set up your website Social Media profiles.

Good luck, and see you on the other side 😉