In this lesson, I am going to show you how to turn a video into an animated Gif.

A GIF is just a image format that supports animations… but if you want to get technical about it:

A GIF is a lossless image format that supports 256 colours. Because of the limited number of colours available, the GIF format is traditionally a terrible choice for complicated images like photographs and is best reserved for simple images like icons, text, or line art.

The real benefit of using GIFs over JPGs or PNGs is the ability to animate images! Sure, the image quality is terrible, but the quality lost is made up for with the humour that GIFs generate ?

The creator of the GIF format, Steve Wilhite, would like you to pronounce his creation with a soft ‘G’ like ‘Jiff’. But most people (including me?) will say it with a hard ‘G’ like ‘Gift’ without the ‘T’

The animations you create should be short, maxing out at a few seconds.

You could technically convert an entire film into a GIF animation, but it would not display very well, if at all, and would have a very large file size. Animations lasting more than a few seconds should really be displayed in a video format like MP4 or MOV.

The generator we will be using will even allow us to add text to our gif; So lets get started.

GIF Tutorial Video

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