Start selling products and services online with this ultimate ecommerce workshop for small business owners


Small business owners will be able to take online payments for products and services after this course

You will examine the most up-to-date methods in eCommerce with our expert trainer in 4 evening workshops (7-9pm) delivered over 4 consecutive weeks.


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Who should attend?

You might already have a shop but have heard you could find more customers online with ecommerce. Maybe you already have an online presence and want to explore the other avenues that are available to sell your products and services.
It’s time to start maximising your sales by choosing online markets that are best suited for your products and services and how to choose the correct payment system for your business

Workshop dates

Workshop outcomes:

Sell on Shopify, Ebay, WooCommerce, and more! Know how to use the best online payment systems
Sell any physical or digital product online Your ultimate guide to selling online in 2018!

Workshop Details

Course Type Evening Course – 7pm to 9pm
Course Duration 4 Days of 2 hour workshops
Start Dates 26th March, 27th March, 28th March, 29th March, 30th March
Course Locations Skibbereen, Cork, Waterford, Dublin, Galway
Course Fee €350

What will I get from this workshop?

  • The ability to sell both physical and digital products online
  • Learn to use multiple ecommerce platforms to maximise your sales
  • A certificate of completion
  • Course materials and resources
  • Most of all, access to Digedu community support forums

Who should take this course

  • Small business owners who want to sell their products and services online
  • Small business owners who want to take online payments for their products and services
  • Business owners with an online presence and are also looking to explore new avenues
  • Still unsure if this course is for you? Email us with any questions you may have at

How is the workshop run?

This is a group workshop with limited spaces available. The workshop consists of 4 evening classes (7-9pm) delivered over four weeks. The classes in your location will fall on the same day each week.

  • Skibbereen – Mondays starting March 26th
  • Cork city – Tuesdays starting March 27th
  • Waterford – Wednesdays starting March 28th
  • Dublin – Thursdays starting  March 29th
  • Galway – Fridays starting March 30th

Workshop Syllabus

Week 1
  • Course Introduction
  • Creating your online store
  • Shopify, WooCommerce, Ebay
  • Marketing channels
Week 2
  • Shopify Overview
  • Selling on Shopify
  • Shopify features
Week 3
  • WooCommerce Overview
  • Selling on WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce features
Week 4
Online Market Places
  • Online market place Overview
  • Ebay, Esty, DoneDeal
  • Workshop review

First of all, whether your a beginner, self-taught or just interested in how it all fits together, this course will give you the ultimate roadmap to sell your products online and, finally, knowledge about the various channels you can use.

This course will cover everything you need to start selling online. You will learn how to create a store that people feel confident buying from and also about adding plugins that can double or even triple your profits. Our step-by-step guided videos will show you how to set up a multitude of ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and E-bay so you can start selling right away.

With ecommerce, there are no lack of platforms to sell your items online. The trouble is picking which platform suits your business. When you pick out a spot to sell your product in the physical world, you know that you need to find the best place to attract your potential clients. The same is true on the web. Do you want your product in a store you know people already are visiting, that would be marketplace like eBay, or DoneDeal. Or do you need your own store, a platform where people come to see your products and your products only, like Shopify or WooCommerce. And what kind of ownership do you want over this platform, do you want to rent out a store or buy a plot of the internet and build your own store.

Only you can answer these questions, and this course is your ultimate guide to answering these questions correctly. So join me, and let’s get you up and selling online.

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