Attract more customers – The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Bootcamp for small business owners


Small business owners will be able to run social media marketing campaigns tailored to their business to maximise success after this workshop

Master Social Media to create a strategy for success, tailor made for your business, and your schedule over 4 evening workshops (6-9pm) delivered over 4 consecutive weeks.

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Course description

Are you a small business owner looking to take your products and services to the largest audience of customers on the planet? Unleash the power of Social Media on your business to drive sales, attract new customers, and grow your business; all without leaving your seat!
This is the most comprehensive Social Media Marketing course for business available; don’t miss this opportunity.

We will work through what Social Media is, what channels to use, and how to use them. You will build a portfolio of information on your competitors, customers, and your Brand, and use this information to develop a comprehensive Strategy for driving sales of your services or products as well as help connect you to your customers.

We’re all about results at Digedu; we’re not here to give history lessons and theoretical approaches to Marketing and this isn’t about filling your head with complex ideas and business jargon, it’s about ensuring you build your business to it’s full potential. To do this it helps to know What Social Media is, how it is used by businesses, and the role Social Media can play in expanding your business. We’ll break down the various Social Media Platforms and channels into their various function, size, and demographics to highlight which are relevant to you and your business.

Who should take this course?

  • Small business owners who want to find more customers through the web
  • Small business owners who want to reach the largest audience of customers on the planet
  • Business owners with an online presence and are looking to explore marketing avenues
  • Still unsure if this course is for you? Email us with any questions you may have at

What will you get from this workshop?

  • The ability to run growth focused Social Media Marketing campaigns
  • Learn to use multiple social media platforms to maximise your reach
  • A certificate of completion
  • Course materials and resources
  • Access to Digedu community support forums

Workshop outcomes:

An understanding of Social Media and how it can be used to grow your business! An audit of your Social Media presence, and that of your competitors
A guide to content and content marketing A tailor made Social Media strategy for your business

Workshop Details

Course Type Evening Course – 6pm to 9pm
Course Duration 4 Days of 3 hour workshops
Start Dates Contact:
Course Locations Contact:
Course Fee €350

Workshop Syllabus

Week 1
  • Introducing Social
  • Orient yourself
  • How to pick the right channels
Week 2
  • Getting going with profiles
  • The important elements of branding and vision
Week 3
  • A look at content creation and the science of 80/20
  • Goal setting and the art of achieving
Week 4
  • Strategising for success
  • The (not so scary after all) Social Media audit
  • What comes next?

Upon completion of this workshop you will have a Social Media Marketing Strategy workbook tailor-made to your business, and your schedule

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