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    How important is google analytics? It seems really complicated even just to set up…

    • @gabe-w, I was looking at this and it looks easier than I thought. Still haven’t tried yet though 🙂

      • Hi guys!
        I’m currently finishing off a course on Social Media strategy for start-ups but will move directly onto Google Analytics (or ‘GA’).
        @gabe-w, GA is super important if you are running any kind of online business. Data from Google analytics helps you learn more about who your customers are, where they are, and how they interact with your products, content, everything on your site! If you use it well, it can also help bridge the gap between your marketing and your sales so you can save time and money! Getting excited talking about this so I’ll start work on this ASAP!
        @deepti-b, the set up does have a technical element to it but it’s very easy. Do you have control/access to your site? Is the site built using WordPress or any such website builder? Thanks for the info guys!