The relevance of email to your business
How many marketing emails do you receive? I receive over 80 a week. 25% go directly into a junk folder. Another 25% get deleted immediately. The remaining 50% get browsed, and if I’m interested in what they say I might click through to an article, review, video, or some new product that’s catches my eye. In fact, I spend almost an hour a day reading emails or the content they lead to, every day. If you’re like me then you’re one of the 2.5 billion people around the world doing so, and our activity amounts to almost 200 billion emails every single day. The success (or failure; look at how many we receive everyday which are total junk) of email as a Marketing tool is due to how personal they are.

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Let’s think about it. To receive an email from a business you need to have given them your email (ignoring the pirates out there….you know who you Arrrrrr!), which means you’ve shown intent for the service, automatically excluding all people who have no interest in your company and probably will never make a purchase. It’s an incredible tool to use when you have anything noteworthy to say about your business, products, promotions, to all of the people out there who’ve said they want to hear it.


If the statistics alone haven’t convinced you that email is not outdated then these 3 key reasons to use email should persuade you:


1.) Email is cheap
We know that billions of emails are read ever day; I wait with baited breath for my daily email from Pocket and read the articles they send me voraciously! If you have a list of interested contacts and you have something cool to say to them then there are not only cheap tools but there are a number of free tools to get your message across (MailChimp lets you send up to 12,000 emails a month on their Forever Free plan). Which means, provided you have a distribution list, that email marketing is a far more viable method of marketing for smaller business on a tight budget.


2.) Email is customisable
In an age of data, we can often see exactly what interests people have with our business. If you run a clothes store did the user register an account after viewing shoes? If you’re a software provider did they only look at Mac programs? You see where I’m going with this. The more relevant the content you send to that person the more likely they are to take the action you’re hoping for; making the effort to understand your customers is one of the most impactful moves you can make for any marketing strategy.


3.) Email is a part of the whole
Marketing is an ongoing task. Once a customer has signed up for your service they want to be informed as to what you’re up to, what new stuff will you produce, how you plan to help them going forward. Email is the best way to keep your customers up to date, and provide a sense of momentum that makes them know you will continue to be relevant to them; this is the marketing tool that keeps people coming back to you over and over again.


If you’re still not convinced why not allow me to grill you further in my email marketing course? 😉

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