In this lesson you will learn about making websites

There are many ways to make websites, there are also many reasons to make websites. In this video you will learn what technologies and / or skills are needed to build websites.

Whether you need to write a little computer code, a lot of computer code, or no code at all will depend on what kind of site you are building.

  • Part 1 will deal with Web Design:
    • Work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages. Can also make use of libraries and frameworks.
    • Web Designers create visually stunning websites.
  • Part 2 will deal with Web Development:
    • Develop with server side languages like PHP and can work with databases.
    • Web Developers create dynamic and functional web applications.
  • Part 3 will deal with WYSIWYG platforms:
    • What you see is what you get” builders use drag and drop editors and require no computer code to create from a theme.
    • Perfect for someone who needs to put their information online quickly.

How to make a website lesson video

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