Can you answer these 3 questions about your business?

1.) Do you know what the number one issue people have with your industry is?

2.) Consider your mission statement, do you know the primary reason why people use, or will use, your product or service?

3.) When you have a promotion, or you release a new product, how many of your potential and existing customers hear about it?

If you said no to any of these then you’re not utilising Social Media well for your business.

All businesses are formed with an idea of what they are; what their products are, who their customers are, what problem they are solving for these people. The growth of your business can greatly depend on how easily you can shed these notions and adapt to how your customers define you because, at the end of the day, it’s them who decide whether or not to purchase. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, said “your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”. Who you are isn’t always what you decide; it is often something you learn. Social Media is a tool for managing this process. It’s a sounding board for you as much as it is for your audience.


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“Give a little, take a lot. A successful Social Media strategy will highlight you flaws and what aspects of your business you need to work on as much as provide an opportunity to share content that’s relevant to consumers.”

Let’s dial it back a notch though. If you’re only beginning to dip your toe in the online marketing space then there are even more pressing issues for your site, such as traffic, and users; Social Media can help with this too. Search engine marketing, or SEM, is often attributed the number one spot for driving traffic to websites globally, depending on your industry. Two key elements of your strategy for boosting your search engine rank can be progressed by a good Social strategy: quality site traffic, and backlinks.

By creating another channel for people to access your site through the various Social platforms you can drive potential customers to your site and help build momentum around traffic which is a good indicator for Google’s ranking algorithm. The Google bots also crawl links such as the one’s leading to your site from Facebook, Twitter, etc., all of which are further good indicators for Google, and can positively impact your organic rank in Google. Even small measures like this are gold dust to budding businesses online as these small changes manifest in huge jumps in rank on Google. When the first iteration of the Digedu site went live we did not rank at all on Google for the search term ‘Digedu’, made in the US. After 2 weeks we appeared on the 10th page. It took almost 3 months before we ranked number 1 for our own Brand, let alone any of the products we provide.

You can see Social Media marketing ticks quite a few boxes if you’re competing online, but this is only the start. With advanced targeting options, paid ads, competitor analysis, and an ever-growing user base there’s a lot Social can offer your business. The key is to understand how to use Social to meet YOUR goals. Tailoring a plan that’s cost effective and efficient requires knowing your own business, which means testing, listening, analysing, which, to come full circle, can be done using Social 😉

If you’re not already convinced, the video above is intended to give you an idea the benefits Social can have for your business, and the success others’ have had along the way. Or better yet, click the link above and we’ll send you further info on developing a Social strategy that will help sky rocket your business.


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